Exposition carte blanche - célébration des
120 ans de P.C.I le 8 Décembre - ©Carte Blanche au Papier de Procédés Chénel International, scénographie Emmanuelle Moureaux.
IN Exhibition

Carte Blanche au Papier

Procédés Chenel

The company Procédés Chenel proposes to integrate this Carte Blanche au Papier exhibition in the Biennale, shifting work paradigms, as follows.
The entire exhibition is designed to illustrate a new phenomenon made possible by the Paper media.
In the old days, design was compartmentalised.
There were designers and creators, and then there was industrial implementation.
Today, the designer is personally involved in producing the work and draws energy and inspiration from that involvement.
All the creators present have themselves experienced this method of working indissociable from the work.
With Paper we are seeing a change in work as it becomes a Work in itself, a means of expression, inspiration... and pleasure!
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