Poissons BH, 2016
© Chloé Schuiten
Biennale OFF

Capsule biohardcore

Antoine Boute, Chloé Schuiten, Clément Thiry

"We're off to Saint-Étienne, we've been sent off like scouts. We start by setting up a rudimentary camp in an art gallery, i.e. a space built according to average European architectural principles, but completely empty of any content, bereft, vacant and blank. So, why not set up the first revolutionary Biohardcore cell in France there?" Antoine Boute, Clément Thiry and Chloé Schuiten in residence from 15/03 to 9/04, propose a series of Bio-Hardcore actions!
Site : Les Limbes
7 rue Henri Barbusse – Saint-Étienne

06 89 68 66 58

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Capsule biohardcore