bench 123, 2015 ©clementbrazille
Banc d'essai 2017

Bench 123


Public benches are both places conducive to chance meetings and for solitary rest, accommodating seats where shot-lived love affairs, secret thoughts, colourful imaginings and the daydreams of lone walkers can come together, bounce off each other and come together again. Encounters, but also diversions, crossings of ways and escapes: the bench is a unique place where chance collisions and fleeting escapes can lead to random tete-a-tetes.
Unease, but curiosity and fear mingled with a hunger for things new: this is all present in a complex tangle of emotions and thoughts that fill our minds when we sit down on a bench, and it is all this contradictory complexity that is reflected in Clément Brazille's design. This is a bench where everything is possible, where encounters and detours are forcefully merged in a pared down design. A social and psychological interrogation on the meaning of that curious object, the bench, gives rise to a work that aims not only to serve as response, but to play an active part in the questioning.
bench 123, 2015 ©clementbrazille
bench 123, 2015 ©clementbrazille
Materials : Bent metal and seat in perforated metal
Site :
Patio de l'hôtel de ville