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Balade design et végétale

For the duration of a walk, the visitor is invited to discover how design can blend into the landscape. From the plant to the container, from earth to concrete, from machine to Man.., so many possibilities for connecting design and the plant world.
This "balade design & végétale" presents different projects conducted with learners, projects that make a connection between design and plants and which echo this year's Biennale theme "shifting work paradigms".
This design & plant itinerary takes the form of an exhibition with a commentary and invites the visitor to stroll around the establishment's grounds.
Site : Lycée Montravel
chemin de Montravel – Villars


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SAT 11 MAR / 11.00
Balade design et végétale
Lycée Montravel
Chemin de Montravel - Villars