tasse poupée porcelaine noire 2016 ©ENDE Ceramics
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Ateliers d’Art de Pologne


Design objects from the Art de Pologne workshops

Some of the best-known designers in Poland will be presenting porcelain tableware items, the fruit of their desire to combine the functional aspect with innovative and quality aesthetics.

Poland has a tradition of quality craft production, as well as certain know-how in the use of noble materials such as porcelain. Tableware items produced by some of the best-known designers from this country will be on show in the "Chocolat des Princes" shop. These are works created by artists who were trying to combine a new way of working with innovative aesthetics, without neglecting the functional aspect of the object. They are all decorated with pure hold, platinum or black porcelain.
tasse poupée porcelaine noire 2016 ©ENDE Ceramics
Emballage poupée or 2016 ©ENDE Ceramics
swimmer 2016 ©ENDE Ceramics
Tasse Mobius 2016 ©ENDE Ceramics
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