ARC Technologie et Société

École Supérieure d’Art et de Design d’Orléans

The "Technologies and Society" ARC (creative research workshop) encourages students to look at a theme and develop through a project and their research work their critical thinking on the issues for society, citizens, the environment, etc. that are raised by the use of digital technologies and services as well as of connected and interactive objects. This process of inquiry is embodied in the conception and production of images, devices, objects, furniture, spaces, etc. with a digital, connected, algorithmic or interactive dimension. This year, in response to the invitation to ÉSAD Orléans to take part in the Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne 2017, on the Working Promesse theme, the students of the Technology and Society ARC looked at contemporary modes of representing work. From design-fiction to the fiction of design, the students devised and designed installations where work-related objects are confronted with the way they are represented. Today, discourse on participation, mutualisation, uchronia, dystopia or dematerialisation gives rise to a multitude of accounts and images that determine the issues around work or non-work. The students were invited to produce "fictionobjects", hybrids proposals made up of prototypes or objects (physical or digital) and fictional media material (films, animations, texts, photographs...). For the Biennale exhibition, all these proposals will be represented in the form of a video featuring the projects, broadcast on two screens.

Supervisors :
Olivier Bouton, object-space design
Caroline Kassimo-Zahnd, interactive design
Emmanuel Cyriaque, theory, philosophy
Maurice Huvelin, film-maker, scriptwriter - vidéo

Students : 3rd and 4th year objectspace design students, 5th year graphic visual and object-space option student .

Venue : Agora - Platine - Cité du design/ESADSE (Site Manufacture)

Dates :
from 9 March to 9 April