Guided tour-IN

Point de rendez-vous sur le parvis de la Cité du design

Visite guidée en LSF

(Guided tour for the general public)

A themed guided tour is available for all visitors on the Cité du Design site: The Experiences of Beauty.

Beauty every way it can be experienced! The perception, interpretation and analysis what is beautiful in design cannot be generic. Everyone can find that something is "really beautiful" while anyone else can say the opposite. The guided tour will examine the values and intentions conveyed by aesthetics. What do the forms produced say about the way of life, the usages and practices of a society?

Exhibitions presented by the guide/mediator:

Beauty as unfinished business, Sam Hecht and Kim Colin
A-T-T-E-N-T-I-O-N, David-Olivier Lartigaud et Samuel Vermeil
No Randomness, Oscar Lhermitte
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