Ateliers - Biennale To Business #2

Wednesday 1 April 2015

14:00 - 16:30

UserStudio: The place of emotion in the innovation through design approach,

Designing products people with love:
At the current time, the choice of technologies used is no longer enough to differentiate a product or service. It is the extra something in terms of soul and character that will guarantee its success with users. Innovation by design initiatives offer exactly that, by proposing a sensitive, humancentred approach to design. These approaches must be encouraged within organisations by a corporate culture and strategies that are conducive to innovation by design. At this 2nd edition of the Design & Innovation Forum, User Studio will demonstrate strategic issues that are handled through such an approach, with a workshop divided into 4 phases:
-1. Introduction: comprehending the strategic issues that place emotion at the centre of the innovation by design approach.
- 2. Immersion: understanding the sensitive thinking of the designer and the latter's role in the design process.
- 3. Application: implementing this approach in a group, working on a practical case on the theme: «reenchanting the clock radio».
- 4. Conclusion: Understanding the perequisites for creating a design culture in a company.

Matthew Marino,
A French-American designer trained at ENSCI-Les Ateliers, Matthew is one of the co-founders of User Studio, the innovation by design agency. Matthew is in charge of the agency's strategic vision and the projects it leads whilst supporting companies (Orange, LDE, EDF) and local authorities (Champagne-Ardenne, Val d'Oise) in their innovation-focused initiatives. Matthew also actively contributes to the development of the emerging discipline of Service Design by giving talks (OECD, SDN), writing articles and giving training sessions (IHEST, Google, ENSCI, Dauphine). User Studio is a hyper-creative innovation by design agency based in Paris. It works for large companies in the telecom, energy, banking and transport sectors to invent more attractive and more intelligent products and services. Operating at the point where technology meets the human, User Studio proposes its vision of a re-enchanted future through a series of interactive explorations, service concepts and digital products with desirable forms and offering refined experiences.

Graphic Mint : At Your Service...How to make Customers Happier through Design?

Are your customers satisfied with your offering? Do you know what their experience with your business is like? What are the greatest obstacles they face with your products and services? Great Customer Experiences stem from changing your point of view to how your customer see the world. This is achieved by evaluating their journeys acrosss your business, understanding their goals, and solving issues with empathy and good shopkeeping. During this workshop Séamus Byrne for Graphic Mint will explain how principles and best practices of Service, Customer and User Experience Design can be applied to transform to your business for the better.
Key Objectives of the Workshop:
- Learn how to assess, understand and meet your customers goals and needs with your business,
- Match the expectations of your customers with exceptional brand, service and product experiences,
- Learn how to identify areas where your customers are having negative experience with your business Visualise your customer journeys across your business touchpoints,
- Make better relationships and build empathy with your customers,
- Learn how to easily solve common and frequent issues encounered by customers,
- Collaborate in practical activities for attendees you use with their own business.

Séamus Byrne
Séamus Byrne is Director of UX at Graphic Mint. For over 15 years he has worked in Europe and North America as a designer, creating easy to use, useful and meaningful service, customer and user experiences for multinational companies and SMEs. He was the first European board member of the Interaction Design Association where he oversaw the global annual Interaction Conference. He also cochaired the Interaction12 conference in Dublin, Ireland. Follow him on twitter at @ SeamusByrne or at

Design For Europe : How to create connections?

Design for Europe aims to address the imbalance in the strength and capability of European organisations to adopt and implement design-led innovation policies, programmes and actions. To tackle this problem, Design for Europe is in the process of building a web platform and active community of practice to foster interaction amongst European institutions/ organisations, intermediaries, businesses and individuals. The platform will enable the sharing of knowledge from new and pre-existing research with a wide audience. The platform focuses on three key areas - Business, Public Sector and Policy - and will provide practical information, such as:
- Case studies and resources showing best practices,
- Learning materials/tools,
- Information on related events,
- Funding guidance,
- Thought leadership on the future role of design in innovation.
The platform is being developed with an iterative and user-focused approach. The consortium aims to lead a workshop during Design and Innovation Forum 2015 to introduce the project and engage participants in an interactive testing and co-creation session. Design for Europe is a team of partners from 14 leading European design and innovation institutions. The partners have extensive experience delivering design and innovation programmes and measuring the impact of designled innovation.
The workshop, coordinated by ENoLL (European Network of Living Labs), will include three sessions: Design for Europe and the role of users, Design in Policy and public sector, The part design plays for business.
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