Café du Faubourge
17 rue Clovis-Hugues
04 77 74 69 50
From 12/03/2015
To 12/04/2015

À table!

« À table ! Mangez bon et beau ! » (Food's up! Good food well presented!) These are the watchwords that have guided our gustatory and aesthetic adventure examining the meaning of beauty in our plates. Working with the staff at the restaurant Le Café du Faubourge, students on the product design BTS course at the Lycée Honoré-d'Urfé in Saint-Etienne have developed - taking a forward-looking approach - a method of researching the experience of eating that overturns the usual culinary codes in order to raise cultural questions about our perceptions of what tastes good in our food. Because, as Mr Bretillot says, "when it comes to cuisine, there are no taboos: we need to smash the accepted codes and demolish the traditional rules." So, why not head over to the Faubourge and discover the results of this edible experiment...
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Page extraite du carnet de recherches du groupe de Lucile, Anaïs et Fabien
© Lycée Honoré d'Urfé - BTS DP
Expérimentations de raviole aux fruits caramélisés
© Lycée Honoré d'Urfé - BTS DP